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Συνέντευξη με τους Ιάπωνες psychedelic space rockers Kikagaku Moyo

Με αφορμή την live εμφάνισή τους την Κυριακή 4 Σεπτεμβρίου στο Death Disco, είχαμε την ευκαιρία να κουβεντιάσουμε με τους psychedelic space rockers Kikagaku Moyo, οι οποίοι μας μίλησαν για τη μουσική τους, την τελευταία τους δουλειά και την επερχόμενο τους live επί ελληνικού εδάφους.

**Η συνέντευξη που ακολουθεί είναι στα Αγγλικά**

Welcome to! Thank you for taking the time out to talk to us today. Please introduce us the current members of the band and give us a brief overview on what Kikagaku Moyo are currently planning.

Hello! We are Kikagaku Moyo, we have Tomo on guitar vocal, Daoud on guitar, Ryu on sitar, Guy on bass, and I, myself, (Go) on drums. We just arrived in Europe last night, and we’re now embarking on this tour.

Your name Kikagaku Moyo translates to “geometric patterns”. How did you come up with that name? What is your association with geometric patterns and in what way are they connected to your music?

When we first start jamming together, we would play music all night. After playing for six hours straight in the darkness, I started seeing colours and patterns behind my eyelids. We were in that weird, liminal state between sleep and wakefulness, and wouldn’t stop playing. This is where I got the inspiration for our band’s name.

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How would you describe your music? If you had to put it in three words, how would you define it?

Free form psychedelia. Sunrise leaf open.

What are your music influences? Can you think of a band or an album that encouraged you to try to write or perform your own music?

There are some sloppy bands from sixties that definitely encouraged us to play music. We thought, “Oh, we don’t have to be experts on instruments to be able to  make awesome music”. Tomo didn’t know how to put strings on his guitar properly until when we recorded the second album, haha.

If your music was a soundtrack for a movie, which movie do you think it would fit best?

We want to put our music to a Sergei Parajanov film.

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Do you see much of a difference in the reception your live show gets in Japan as opposed to Europe?

Japanese people come and see a show to “listen to the music”, whereas Europeans come to “experience” the music.

Your latest album “House in the Tall Grass” has both amazing artwork and intriguing title. Is there a certain story behind it? What is its association to nature?

This album takes the listener on a number of journeys within their own mind. These are trips out into nature, like one that takes place on a snowy mountaintop. You wake up, take a walk in the woods, see a deer, a fox, a bird, come back to the house, make some hot soup, look out the window, lie down, close your eyes, and take another trip into your own imaginary world.

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In September you’re performing live in Athens at Death Disco. Is this your first show in Greece? Could you give us a hint about what to expect from your performance?

Yes it will be our first time playing Greece. Our first record was released from a Greek label, and we always wanted to go. So it’s special feeling and really happy to be there.

What would you like to say to the Greek audience?

Please take us somewhere where we can eat barbounia even though we aren’t on the coast. Daoud keeps telling us he wants to eat it with the sea breeze in his beard!

Thank you very much and good luck with your show in Athens!



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