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Pentalpha, (the Greek word for Pentagram) speaks about this ancient symbol of rooting in Ancient Greece and Babylonia, associated with
magic and used by different religions throughout time to symbolise or even summon.
W.E.B. make their own ritual with this hymn song for the Five-pointed Star with a combination of traditional Greek music forms, symphonic elements
and melodic black metal in one of the most outstanding songs of their 2021 album “Colosseum”.

Video by Thanos Kallianiotis, Death Mask Productions:
Choir vocals by Niki Rosa Frei

Since forming in 2002, Greece’s W.E.B. have steadily forged a path to becoming one of the premier
European symphonic extreme metal bands expressing darkness and death through adrenaline and poetry.
An output that’s both candid and theatrical, W.E.B. is here to move you, provoke you,
and invite you on a journey through ravendark and starless nights.
With four albums already under their collective belt, 2021’s fifth full-length,
Colosseum, which was recorded, mixed, and mastered in Sound Abuse Production Studio in Athens by Psychon
and produced by the band’s own Sakis Prekas, is inarguably the band’s greatest and most direct work to date.

Combining the brutal with the catchy and drenching it in orchestrations that only serve to expand its epic scale,
Colosseum is a thrilling, gripping listen with each of its nine tracks playing an important part in the album as a whole,
making it clear that W.E.B. stands toe-to-toe with anyone in their genre.

With Colosseum, the band welcomes two new members: drummer Nikitas Mandolas,
who joined following the recording of 2017’s Tartarus and whose playing is perfectly suited to the music W.E.B. creates,
and bassist/vocalist Hel Pyre. “Apart from the great lyrics and the perfect bass performance,
she offered her brutal and clean vocals on many parts of the album, leaving her own mark of fire.
This is a completely new element for W.E.B. that really gave a unique character to the material.”

In titling the record Colosseum, W.E.B. draw comparisons with the past and present, in typically brutal style.
“The Colosseum was the famous gigantic arena in Rome to give the people ‘food and spectacle,’
whereas what it truly did was to quench the mob’s thirst for blood and violence and keep their minds away from thinking;
kind of an ancient TV-brainwash machine,” notes Sakis. “People nowadays seem to be thirsty for blood more than ever.
They seek violence in almost everything. You can see it in social media, in the streets – even a simple fight between
kids in a schoolyard attracts the other kids, not to separate but to watch. Humans miss the Colosseum
and what it gave to their violent nature, even though they will never admit it.
The title Colosseum is the irony of giving them what they secretly desire. Maybe then they will start to understand
what they see in their mirror and hopefully it will bother them.”

Sakis Prekas – guitars, vocals
Hel Pyre – bass, vocals
Sextus A. Maximus – lead guitars
Nikitas Mandolas – drums

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